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Leadership Development Solutions

The Courageous Leaders Model is at the heart of all leadership solutions.

We recognise the constant tension leaders need to manage between financial, brand and people sustainability - the constant push and pull between the short term and the long term; the internal and the external. This tension permeates every decision leaders make, each behaviour leaders choose and every promise they make to any stakeholder. Harnessing and leveraging this tension takes uncompromising courage from any leader.

The Courageous Leaders model clearly advocates how individuals can change the way they think and feel to position themselves where courage is at the heart of how they confront and harness the tension they face each day, head on.



This highlights the need for the individual to develop leadership mastery. Leadership mastery is the personality, character and capability you develop as a leader within the business - the way you think, how you act, what you say, when you act and your beliefs. This combines to represent the "mastery" you bring to your role as a leader . Mastery is the special level of proficiency you bring to developing the facets of leadership. To lead a business and its people with purpose, passion and courage we believe leaders need leadership mastery spanning the 4 critical facets of:

  • Self Mastery
  • Relationship Mastery
  • Business Mastery and
  • Technical Mastery.

Leadership Development Solutions include (and are customisable):

Contact us to discuss how this model can work for your business.

"The leader's primary instrument is the self.....The quest for becoming a better leader is first an inner quest to discover who you are....Van Velsor and Guthrie remind us that learning to lead is a lifelong process not some quickie course you take on the weekend or on the Web. If you're going to prepare your self to lead, prepare to go on a deep dive."

James M. Kouzes

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